GLOW® is the next generation of water purifiers designed to change today's way of drinking clean water and attitude of consuming products and services that are hazardous to our environment such as bottled water and water refilling stations. 

Business Opportunity

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Water is one of the world's great business opportunities. It promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th.

Global Distribution

Globalwater targets distributors who are seeking an innovative, reliable product, which requires minimal product support. Our unique product offers strong selling arguments and cover one of the biggest needs on the growing markets.

Prospective markets are primarily Asia, Latin America, USA, Eastern Europe and where there is a bigger risk of drinking tap water.

One and the same product can be used on all different markets, which facilitate the logistics and distribution for international clients.

The product gives the customer healthy potable water to a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water. At the same time the distributor will have a long term added income by selling consumables (filter cartridges, UV lamps), which are periodically needed to be replaced by the customer.

GLOW®, Globalwaters Own Brand

Globalwater's latest model is the GLOW UV400.

For more details concerning this product, kindly contact Globalwater directly.