GLOW® is the next generation of water purifiers designed to change today's way of drinking clean water and attitude of consuming products and services that are hazardous to our environment such as bottled water and water refilling stations. 

Great Convenience

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EASY & CONVENIENT to use and maintain

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy and flexible installation:
    1) "with Speed-fit connector" to your tap   or
    2)more permanently to the water pipeline like your dishwasher or washing machine*
  • Easy to operate: just a touch of the Blue Button!
  • Easy to attach to your kitchen wall or simply place on your counter top
  • No service technicians needed for filter change and maintenance
  • Maintenance-free UV lamp

    *Highly recommended by GLOW to maximize and enjoy the use of the automatic features of the water purifier to its full capacity!