GLOW® is the next generation of water purifiers designed to change today's way of drinking clean water and attitude of consuming products and services that are hazardous to our environment such as bottled water and water refilling stations. 

GLOW Water Purifier

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Go Clean Go Green   

Choose the smart alternative to buying bottled water!

Enjoy a state-of-the-art water purifier in your own home.  


  • Filters to improve taste and clarity
  • Purifies to reduce disease-causing bacteria and viruses (without chemicals)
  • Retains beneficial minerals and nutrients  
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Long-lasting Carbon Block Filter
  • Maintenance-free UV-light

    GLOW UV400 provides an unlimited supply of clean healthy water on demand in the kitchen and bathroom.  Countertop or space saving wall mounting capability, the Glow UV400 filter and purifier unit is easily installed at home, in a dorm room or in a hotel room in just minutes. All the necessary parts are included for faucet or under the counter installation.  
    GLOW water purification products are designed for use with any government or municipally treated drinking water source or potable well or bore water. It is not intended for use on river, lake  or any other non-approved water sources.











Dimensions: 230 mm × 160 mm × 400 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg