GLOW® is the next generation of water purifiers designed to change today's way of drinking clean water and attitude of consuming products and services that are hazardous to our environment such as bottled water and water refilling stations. 


SNT testade filter ökade bakteriehalten

Jan Falk,
Publicerad 6 okt 2003 09:15

Contamination of Canadian and European bottled waters with antimony from PET containers

William Shotyk*, Michael Krachler and Bin Chen
Journal of Environmental Monitoring
January 20, 2006

Pioneering Tests on Odors from Plastic Water Pipe

American Chemical Society (ACS)
August 13, 2007

Canada second only to U.S. in water consumption News Staff

Canadians are the world's second biggest consumers of water, Statistics Canada reports, and that insatiable thirst may be threatening the country's fresh water resources.

Statistics Canada says the most recent statistics from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development show that in 1999, each Canadian on average used 1,471 cubic metres of water.

Five Reasons to NOT DRINK Bottled Water

Bottled water is healthy water -- right?

That's what the marketers would have us believe. Just look at the labels or the bottled water ads: deep, pristine pools of spring water; majestic alpine peaks; healthy, active people gulping down icy bottled water between biking in the park and a trip to the yoga studio.

Drinking Problems

by Jill Culora
Published February 2007

One sip of tainted water can ruin your trip. Jill Culora reports on how to safely slake your thirst

You've just arrived at your four-star hotel in Portugal. It's late at night and you're thirsty. There are small bottles of water in your room, but a hotel card indicates that you'll be charged the equivalent of four dollars for each bottle you drink. You're in Portugal, not in a Third World country, so you turn on the tap, thinking, "How bad could the water be?"

In Praise of Tap Water

August 1, 2007

On the streets of New York or Denver or San Mateo this summer, it seems the telltale cap of a water bottle is sticking out of every other satchel. Americans are increasingly thirsty for what is billed as the healthiest, and often most expensive, water on the grocery shelf. But this country has some of the best public water supplies in the world. Instead of consuming four billion gallons of water a year in individual-sized bottles, we need to start thinking about what all those bottles are doing to the planet’s health.

A World Of Reasons To Ditch Bottled Water

Union of Concerned Scientists
Food and Health
September 7, 2007